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OCCT Discussion Group 2022-2023

In Michaelmas Term 2022, we will be meeting in-person in Seminar Room 10, St Anne’s College, from 12:45 to 14:00 UK time. We will provide a light buffet lunch with sandwiches, tea and coffee. 

The following events are scheduled for Michaelmas Term 2022:

Monday Week 2 (17 Oct): Taking the translations of the Ten Commandments (Shijie 十誡) from a corpus of 17th century essential catechisms as case studies, Dr Giulia Falato (Oxford), examines how incompatible aspects of local culture were identified and addressed by Jesuit translators.

Monday Week 4 (31 Oct): In dialogue with Translation and Sport Studies, Anna Saroldi (Oxford) explores how the translation process changes our understanding of gendered dynamics in mountaineering (and) literature.

Monday Week 6 (14 Nov): Sarah Puetzer (Oxford) introduces and explores the experimental work of Japanese writer Saihate Tahi through the lens of 'space'—physical and digital—from poetry installations and photographic short stories to video game poetry series.

Monday Week 8 (28 Nov): In conversation, Marianna Leszczyk (Oxford) and Prof Jaś Elsner (Oxford) interrogate the question of intermedial translation, taking Polish writer Zbigniew Herbert's highly self-aware engagement with ekphrasis as their case study.


For more details, please see our events page.


The Discussion Group is open to anyone who is interested in topics related to Comparative Criticism and Translation Studies. No knowledge of languages other than English or familiarity with comparative or translation research is required to participate.

If you are interested in facilitating one of the Discussion Group sessions, or suggesting a text or topic for discussion, please contact the convenors, Erin Nickalls ( and Ola Sidorkiewicz ( Please note that the Discussion Group is a dynamic forum for exchanging and debating ideas in an informal setting. As such, the introduction by a facilitator is not a formal presentation, but, rather, a prompt for the collective discussion.

If you would like to join our mailing list, please send a blank email to


We look forward to welcoming you,

OCCT DG Co-Convenors, Erin and Ola


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Past conveners: Anna Saroldi, English: Mariachiara Leteo, English; Yousif M. Qasmiyeh, English; Karolina Watroba, Modern Languages; Valeria Taddei, Modern Languages; Kate Costello, Oriental Studies; Anita Paz, Ruskin School of Art; Amy Xiaofan Li, Oriental Studies; Kasia Szymanska, Modern Languages; Peter Hill, Oriental Studies; Rosie Lavan, English.