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Oxford Comparative Criticism and Translation is a research programme based at The Oxford Research Centre in the Humanities and St. Anne’s College. It brings together experts in the fields of English, Modern Languages, Oriental Studies, Classics, Music, Visual Art, Film, Philosophy, and History. Please navigate through our website to find out more about our research strands, annual conference, postgraduate-led discussion group, Oxford Translation Day, OCCT Review, and teaching in comparative work at Oxford. Our Living Library contains podcasts and other records of our research.

Studying comparative criticism and translation at Oxford

OCCT nourishes work in comparative criticism and translation that spans the many Faculties of Oxford University     


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"Why is translation important, Jacobs asks? ‘It is not because people love or die in a different way in English,’ says Mishol, to a ripple of laughter. Instead, it’s because of what the ‘small details’ of any language can tell us about the people who speak it.

Upcoming event

Monday, September 26, 2016 - 09:00 to Wednesday, September 28, 2016 - 22:00
Museo Internazionale delle Marionette “Antonio Pasqualino”, Oratorio di Santa Chiara, Sicily

Discussion Group

If you have an interest in Comparative Criticism and Translation Studies at Oxford, come along to our friendly discussion group, run by graduate students and early career academics at St Anne's College and TORCH. For more information, visit our page.