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OCCT pursues and supports many kinds of research in comparative criticism and translation: we organise related events and seminars into strands. Our strands this year are: Prismatic TranslationTranslation and Criticism, and Fiction and Other Minds. See below for details and for other strands that have been active in past years. Our postgraduate-led discussion group explores a wide range of issues, and our workshops and conferences address topics that speak to all the strands. Oxford Translation Day take place each June.  


The aim of this seminar series was to consider philosophical and methodological questions relevant to criticism of the arts, including literature, music, film (and other audio-visual forms), fine art, architecture, and design.

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Translation includes an obvious element of creative transformation; and yet its aim is to produce texts which are very like or even functionally identical to their sources.  Our series of discussions brought together translators and... Read more