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2014 Prize

2014 Susan Wicks for Valérie Rouzeau’s Talking Vrouz (Arc publications)

Shortlist for the 2014 award

  • Anthea Bell for Eugen Ruge’s In Times of Fading Light (Faber)
  • Isabel Fargo Cole for Franz Fühmann’s The Jew Car (Seagull Books)
  • Susan Wicks for Valérie Rouzeau’s Talking Vrouz (Arc publications)
  • David Homel for Dany Laferrière’s The Enigma of the Return (MacLehose Press)
  • Peter Daniels for Vladislav Khodasevich’s Selected Poems (Angel Classics)
  • Alastair McEwen for Andrea Bajani’s Every Promise (Maclehose Press)
  • Edward Gauvin for Jean Ferry’s The Conductor and Other Tales (Wakefield Press)
  • Mira Rosenthal for Tomasz Różycki, Colonies (Zephyr Press)