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Translation and Criticism

Translation and Criticism are both modes of re-writing, and both involve an element of creativity which is often neglected or suppressed. This strand explores the edges and overlaps between them, taking in forms like commentary, ekphrasis and paraphrase. It aims to cast new light on the varied processes of translation, and also on the translational activity that occurs when critics brings their writing into contact with source texts, redirecting them to new purposes. Our seminars aim to open up fresh possibilities for the understanding and the practice of both criticism and translation.

In 2015, we hosted an international conference, Prismatic Translation. This helped generate a long-term research project, also called Prismatic Translation, which is now funded by the AHRC as part of the Humanities Division's Open World Research Initiative programme in Creative Multilingualism. Details are here.

Translation and Criticism developed out of work done during 2013-14 under the headings ‘Languages of Criticism’, ‘Philosophy of Criticism’ and ‘Translators and Writers’, For details, scroll further down the 'Research' page. 

Prof Matthew Reynolds (English), Dr Adriana X. Jacobs (Oriental Studies), Prof Patrick McGuinness (MML),  Dr Kasia Szymanska (MML), Prof Sowon Park (University of California Santa Barbara)

Speaker(s): Olga Grjasnowa
MOLT theatre, St Anne's

The prominent German author Olga Grjasnowa will be visiting Oxford within the framework of the DAAD Writer-in-Residence programme. Grjasnowa will be giving a reading in German and English of her award-winning novel Gott ist nicht schüchtern/God is Not Shy. The reading will be followed by a discussion of her work. Details to follow.

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