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Professor Matthew Reynolds

Matthew Reynolds

Matthew Reynolds is Professor of English and Comparative Criticism, and a fellow of St Anne’s College. His main books in the field of comparative criticism are Dante in English (co-edited with Eric Griffiths, 2005), The Poetry of Translation: From Chaucer and Petrarch to Homer and Logue (2011) and Likenesses: Translation, Illustration, Interpretation (2013); he is currently writing Translation: A Very Short Introduction. There is a translational aspect to his fiction too: Designs for a Happy Home: A Novel in Ten Interiors (2009) and The World Was All Before Them (2013). His work with OCCT aims to show how thinking about, and practising, translation can open up broader questions about interpretation, creativity, aesthetics and the crossing of cultures. Beyond this, he has written about several facets of nineteenth and twentieth-century English and European literature and culture, especially literary style, aesthetic and political unity, poetic form, visual art and experimental fiction. 


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